Unsung Heroes: Margerie Hempstead

While watching a young mother struggle with her a child at the local pharmacy, Margerie Hempstead respectfully held herself to a disapproving glare instead of explaining the proper way she would raise a child.

David Koch on Walker recall: ‘We’ve spent a lot of money in Wisconsin. We’re going to spend more.’

Romney Says Cutting Spending Will Slow Growth

Mitt Romney said that cutting spending slows growth in the economy — the “sort of comment was sure to raise the eyebrows of fiscal conservatives
in the GOP, who have long preached a message of fiscal restraint as a
path to economic growth,” NBC News reports.

Trump May Reconsider Presidential Bid

Donald Trump told CNBC he would “seriously, seriously” consider jumping into the White House race if Rick Santorum wins the GOP presidential nomination.

Santorum Says He Was a Washington ‘Outsider’ While He Was an ‘Insider’

PHOENIX — Rick Santorum fought back against an ad campaign sponsored by the pro-Romney super PAC that calls him a “Washington insider” and a “big spender,” arguing in his first event in Arizona that the ads are dead wrong. The former Pennsylvania senator told the…
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Mitt Romney’s money problem, and why Michigan is critical

Romney speaks to near-empty room

Romney Has Weak Appeal Among Small Donors

TPM looks at the campaign finance reports and finds that nearly 90% of Mitt Romney’s total haul is from contributions greater than $ 200.

Stockwatch: Bank of America (BAC)

$ 7.98 (+$ .13) (+1.66%) Shares jumped after Bank of America marketing researchers finally found some fees their customers love.

Virginia’s state-sanctioned rape bill vote postponed

vaginal probe

Romney Solidly Ahead in Arizona

A new We Ask America poll in Arizona shows Mitt Romney leading the GOP presidential primary with 37%, followed by Rick Santorum at 27%, Newt Gingrich at 15% and Ron Paul at 8%.